Township in Kanpur Road

Affordable homes on Kanpur road

India is a relatively young country with more than 50% of its population below 30 years of age. Youth comes with aspirations and with the world’s largest sub-30 year population, we are rightly called as an aspirational country. This has been clearly demonstrated in choices that this generation makes. Housing sector has also seen the manifestation of this in last few years. The youth of today are widely travelled and have been exposed to new lifestyle choices across the world. They, therefore, look for the same when buying a home. The average age of buying a home is coming down and with it the stress is on proving world class amenities at a price that is affordable for this buying class.

Affordable homes on Kanpur road

This dual challenge presents limited options for property developers. Providing world class amenities to a home buyer who is looking for buying a home in 16-30 lacs is quite tricky. This is the budget which youngsters have been looking out for their dream home in cities like Lucknow and they are disappointed with the currently available choices. That is where townships like Paarth republic fit the bill. With large township development, providing world class amenities becomes possible due to a large number of residents. Paarth republic has multiple housing options with their own personalities to suit different budgets and aspirations. For buyers, who are looking for a lifestyle at an affordable price, Paarth republic offers two options in the form of Canary and Humming retreat sub projects.

Paarth republic is a township planned and built with modern technology at the core. Use of state of the art methods has also helped it reduce the cost of acquisition for buyers resulting in a wonderful offering. The township is one of the largest in Lucknow and is situated bang on Lucknow Kanpur road. This ensures all-time connectivity to all parts of city as well as easy access to Kanpur and Unnao towns. The township has modern infrastructure to take care of daily needs of the residents like sewage, water, electricity and security. The most amazing part of this community is the recreational and sports facility. This is the only township in Lucknow which can boast of its own cricket stadium which can host 1st class cricket competition. The most modern cricket training here offers its residents a unique opportunity not available elsewhere in entire Eastern and central UP. The children play area, provision of modern clubbing facilities with Swimming pool and 3-tier security ensures a happy and stress-free life for its residents.

Affordability of homes with all modern facilities was always a challenge but Canary and Humming retreat projects within Paarth republic township has successfully overcome this. This has opened a new vista for discerning and aspirational customer at a price that he can pay. Various housing options within Paarth republic township meet requirements of different lifestyle requirements at different prices and make this project a one of its kind option on Kanpur road.

Perks of Township Living

A township is like a mini town inside a large town and provides plentiful amenities to give its residents a style and a living, that is so different from living in a chaotic city of today. A thoughtful mixture of business and retail areas, housing and open green areas is, what ticks well with those selecting to live in here. Townships have gained remarkably in style across the country thanks to numerous advantages it offers. Let’s have a glance:

Perks of Township Living

1. Unmatched Security

Equipped with advanced automation and management systems to make sure safety, townships are being talked-about as the most secure residential zones. The availability of CCTV and 24/7 observation with guarded posts make these residential properties absolutely safe for inhabitants.

Security could be a key concern for families, particularly working couples. The 3-tier security which ensures a secure perimeter as well as an eye in every corner of township with the help of technology, is very reassuring for families with kids and elders.

2. Best in class amenities

Apart from providing snug living areas, townships provide a varied best-in-class amenities and comforts. Be it a shopping area, a mini-theatre, party area or a sports space, townships provide various comforts within one common campus.

Most townships given their sheer size are delicately positioned off from town that directly implies – no traffic, no pollution and no urban chaos, shaping it as a dream-come-true for its residents. Townships facilitate and encourage ‘Living together happily’. The shared amenities not only ensure the best experience but also allow residents to come together to enjoy these and thereby forming common interest groups, which could also help in better upbringing of kids.

Various clubs that encourage sports and fitness activities like court games, football, basketball, cricket, running, cycling, etc. Hobbies and crafts like artistic production, painting, and sketching, etc. can be pursued inside the townships without worrying for eternal interventions and provide a plethora of choices to the residents to bond with one another.  Celebration of festivals, spiritual ceremonies, etc. take a distinct colour altogether, thanks to the unique ambience a township provides.

The critical facilities within the townships like health clinic and school ensure that a safe bubble is created for its residents to enjoy life without a worry.

Open areas, parks, curated gardens, paved roads and other such infrastructure which is well designed and modern, offers peaceful daily life.  Walk-to-Work opportunities help improve work and life balance.

3. A city you co-create

Townships offer a great opportunity to its residents to take an active part in its management. It ensures that you could create a community which is more homogeneous and therefore, offers benefits beyond physical comforts. It is a socio-economic zone that brings unparalleled freedom to create new relationships and allows you to follow your passion. A township offers residential dwellings for people from different socio-economic backgrounds. However, the simple fact that all of them have chosen it away from the chaos of the city brings that binding thread – the hope of building a better future.

Townships have, therefore, been center of excellence in learning and sport activities and outsiders have always watched it with a desire. By bringing in a large aspirational population together, it replicates a large city without the hassles of living with archaic infrastructure, that is troublesome.

4. Eco-friendly Living

Townships are generally planned with eco-friendly and pro-people options like ground-water harvesting, proper sewage disposal, large greens etc. These ensure that one lives with lesser guilt of consuming the natural resources and in fact, in some cases giving more than what one is using. Some of the new townships also have solar power panels for common area lighting etc and wi-fi enabled smart infrastructure. Such infrastructure is future ready and offers long term health and economic benefits.

There is absolutely no doubt that each one of us want our children to grow up as responsible global citizens. Townships can be looked at as the crucible for their experimentation. How? Simply because it offers a possibility to work on one’s ideas at any age with fellow residents, with whom one doesn’t have a direct relation but a common wire of residentship. It is like a college alumni network, with a much wider landscape and variety.

The children growing up in such green and happy surroundings grow up as better citizens with love for ecology. That is the first step for them to learn these lessons early in life in these settings.

5. A high life

Townships make it possible for mid-income families to live in peace with beautiful surroundings, once they could only dream earlier. This is one major difference which townships offer, compared to stand-alone residential projects. The life inside a township is not very different from the one offered in developed societies and which has remained like a dream for a common Indian. With large group of similarly aligned people, it is possible to live that dream for most of the people.

Another important aspect of life in a township is the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in society in familiar surroundings. Townships offer residential facilities to people from different strata of society and have some of the common features. Some of the townships also offer some very special facilities. For example, Paarth Republic by Paarth Infrabuild in Lucknow offers an international cricket stadium. Now such a facility is not possible to have for a commoner in Lucknow, but just because one is a resident of the township, it comes without any extra cost.

Also, a large population with affinity to good lifestyle in one place offers a great market place to brands and they provide the best products and offers to such communities. It is not very difficult to see special privileges being offered to residents of such townships due to an attractive and homogeneous market available to brands.

The advent of townships emerged from attraction of suburban living, which embellished with amenities and security offers comfort and lifestyle, which till a few years back, was a dream for most Indians. No wonder then that these are the hottest selling dwelling units in most of the cities.

Paarth republic with an excellent location bang on Lucknow-kanpur highway and lose to airport, is rightly considered by many as an “Island of opportunity”.

5 Reasons why a Township is Best Place to Live

The concept of residential Townships in lucknow is quite old. Initially these were build to support life near newly developing industrial townships. There were townships developed by large Public sector companies like Steel authority and Indian oil. People who lived outside these townships always envied with the peaceful and comfortable life residents of these townships always enjoyed. The concept was taken to a new height by smart private developers to create hassle free townships with unparalleled facilities. Let us look at the 5 reasons that make these townships very compelling to buy a home:

  1. Safety and security – The safety and security provided in a township is multi layered. There is one level which secures the periphery of the township and then the other levels which create safe spaces by restricting outsiders. Also a lot of technology is used to manage this security network, which avoids the error a human led system can result into. The emergency plans also work better due to better coordination between different operating agencies within the township.

  2. Quality of life -These townships are made with a clear focus on creating housing. There will be commercial sales, sometimes offering employment opportunities to residents within the periphery itself. With this, any dirty industry is clearly not allowed. This results in a better environmental indexes and therefore support a healthier life. A well regulated traffic management system also ensures safe playing areas for kids and peaceful areas for elders in the township.

  3. Lifestyle amenities – A large township can support a much better level of lifestyle amenities than what a stand alone housing project can. The play areas can sometimes be created to the international size and standard. The club houses are made to accommodate much bigger functions and social gatherings. As business opportunities are big, large brands come in to support the developer’s efforts in creating the infrastructure to support latest products and technologies. All the residential townships have markets inside, that can afford to provide shops to meet requirements of daily life. These also become great social spaces devoid of encroachment by undesirable elements. One can’t imagine this in any other place.

  4. Cleanliness and hygiene -As the various facilities are laid using the latest inventions, they provide a much cleaner and healthier surroundings. Also, the facilities are managed by residents themselves through a representative body and therefore have better control on the kind of facilities created. Who, in India, has not expected this to be a reality in residential areas without being able to exert any influence.

  5. Like minded community – As social animal, we have always liked to connect and live in harmony with our neighbors. However, due to mixed living areas in the cities, most of the times it has not been possible. However, with intelligent town planning, the developers of these townships have been able to achieve a high level of social cohesion within the micro communities of a township. These like minded communities also help develop children in a fulfilling environment.

These reason certainly make a residential township to be a better choice over standalone housing societies in the cities.