property in lucknow shaheed path


property in lucknow,property in the Lucknow Shaheed path


Opulence, Aesthetics and Perfection – Arka

More often than not, finding the right new home for you and your family takes listening to your heart. Arka, a renowned Paarth Infrabuild property in Lucknow's Shaheed Path is designed using the right elements of high quality construction, functionality and aesthetics that facilitate an opulent lifestyle for all its residents.

Green Building and Exquisite Design

The exquisite design is owed to renowned architect Hafeez Contractor whose designs have conceived breath taking reactions from all. Arka is a recipient of the prestigious LEEDS Certification for the efficient and impressive use of Green Building concepts in its construction. Other accolades include the CRISIL rating for its high standards and transparency.

Paarth Arka - property in the Lucknow Shaheed path

Gorgeous Environs

The landscaping of this magnificent property is bound to inspire considering that the biggest names in the business are involved in the job. The overall lighting features accompanied by other facilities aim to be uncompromisingly perfect at all times. There is no doubt that Arka will soon be one of Lucknow's most coveted addresses.

The Rising

In an environment where customers have the power to demand nothing but the best, Arka has been able to deliver just that. Arka, meaning 'The Rising' in Sanskrit aims to be a gateway to a new dawn in the ever growing skyline of Lucknow

In spite of all the luxurious inclusions, Arka continues to be an exclusive property in Lucknow worth considering.