May 2020

5 Reasons why a Township is Best Place to Live

The concept of residential Townships in lucknow is quite old. Initially these were build to support life near newly developing industrial townships. There were townships developed by large Public sector companies like Steel authority and Indian oil. People who lived outside these townships always envied with the peaceful and comfortable life residents of these townships always enjoyed. The concept was taken to a new height by smart private developers to create hassle free townships with unparalleled facilities. Let us look at the 5 reasons that make these townships very compelling to buy a home:

  1. Safety and security – The safety and security provided in a township is multi layered. There is one level which secures the periphery of the township and then the other levels which create safe spaces by restricting outsiders. Also a lot of technology is used to manage this security network, which avoids the error a human led system can result into. The emergency plans also work better due to better coordination between different operating agencies within the township.

  2. Quality of life -These townships are made with a clear focus on creating housing. There will be commercial sales, sometimes offering employment opportunities to residents within the periphery itself. With this, any dirty industry is clearly not allowed. This results in a better environmental indexes and therefore support a healthier life. A well regulated traffic management system also ensures safe playing areas for kids and peaceful areas for elders in the township.

  3. Lifestyle amenities – A large township can support a much better level of lifestyle amenities than what a stand alone housing project can. The play areas can sometimes be created to the international size and standard. The club houses are made to accommodate much bigger functions and social gatherings. As business opportunities are big, large brands come in to support the developer’s efforts in creating the infrastructure to support latest products and technologies. All the residential townships have markets inside, that can afford to provide shops to meet requirements of daily life. These also become great social spaces devoid of encroachment by undesirable elements. One can’t imagine this in any other place.

  4. Cleanliness and hygiene -As the various facilities are laid using the latest inventions, they provide a much cleaner and healthier surroundings. Also, the facilities are managed by residents themselves through a representative body and therefore have better control on the kind of facilities created. Who, in India, has not expected this to be a reality in residential areas without being able to exert any influence.

  5. Like minded community – As social animal, we have always liked to connect and live in harmony with our neighbors. However, due to mixed living areas in the cities, most of the times it has not been possible. However, with intelligent town planning, the developers of these townships have been able to achieve a high level of social cohesion within the micro communities of a township. These like minded communities also help develop children in a fulfilling environment.

These reason certainly make a residential township to be a better choice over standalone housing societies in the cities.

Why are People Buying Apartments

There is a clear trend shown by data that more and more people are moving into apartments than an independent house. But why is it so? And is it good for families?

There are many reasons that apartments are getting  popular. The idea of a more community style of living can appeal to people who have small families, or to those who like to make friends and want to have interactions with others. There are more nuclear families now and therefore the need to connect with neighbours is higher. If someone has friends or family who live in an apartments in lucknow complex and enjoy there it could also lead them toward the idea that they want to choose an apartment to live rather than a house.

Apartment in lucknow,Buy apartment in lucknow

Another reason that apartment buildings are becoming even more popular today is due to the idea that not everyone wants to have a house where they have to worry about maintenance. In an apartment complex, maintenance and cleaning needs are limited to the inside of the apartment. That makes it easier for people who may not be able to care for the exteriors easily. Another factor which plays an important role in people choosing apartments is locational advantage. Most of the prime areas have been allocated for high rise apartments as per the master plans of various cities, and therefore, an independent house will typically be far off from the city center. Now with a much smaller budget, one could afford an apartment close to the lace of employment. It would be possible to get an independent house only much far off with the same money.

In earlier days, the biggest disadvantage for apartment in lucknow was considered to be the considerably smaller size than houses. But this is not the case any more. Modern apartments are well designed and offer much better living spaces despite a smaller size. With the modern furniture and advanced fittings and lighting, even smaller spaces can be converted into multi utility areas and made to appear much larger. With this taken care of, a major psychological reason which resulted in people choosing an independent house over an apartment is gone.

Safety and security is another vital reason for people preferring apartments. It is one’s job to ensure all around security for an independent house but with strong peripheral security arrangements managed by association, it is not imperative upon an individual to create any special security arrangements for his housing unit. This also create safe zones for kids to play and secure areas for parking. Well designed designated parking places also ensure no fights between neighbours on the subject. This makes life peaceful and convenient for executives.

In general, it is found that the amenities provided in an apartment complex are much better than available in a locality with independent houses. A much higher concentration of population makes investments in such state of the art facilities sustainable in housing society than standalone houses. In fact, the quality of life certainly improves as one moves into a housing society when compared to an independent house. There is no doubt then that people will keep buying more apartments instead of independent homes in years to come.