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Best places to visit in Lucknow

Best places to visit in Lucknow

Lucknow, other than being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, has a rich heritage of literature, art, dance, music and food. This city is very popular for its rich cuisine, vibrant embroidery, historical buildings, British bungalows, lush green gardens and intricately designed monuments. Today Lucknow is one of the fastest growing commercial cities in India. Due to all these reasons Lucknow is one of the most popular tourist places in Uttar Pradesh. We have collated a list of the best places to visit in Lucknow, for you.

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara’ was built in the year 1784 by Asaf – Ud – Daula. The design and the architecture of this monument is inspied by the Mughal architecture. What makes Bara Imambara worth experiencing is a maze like structure which is a series of innumerable galleries from where you cannot find your way out without the help of a guide. Bara Imambara is one of the most popular places to visit in Lucknow. The premises includes a mosque, courtyards and gateways, and a step-well (Baoli). It is usually better to hire a guide to take a tour who will explain to you the entire history of the place and share interesting facts and stories about the old times.

  • Timings: 6 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 25 for Indians; ₹ 500 for foreign nationals

Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaz was also built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784. It is a 60 feet tall Gateway that is a true example of Awadhi Style of architecture and is often known as the ‘entrance to the old City’. It is one of the most popular heritage attractions of Uttar Pradesh. The Rumi Darwaza bears a strong resemblance to a Gateway built in Turkey by the name of ‘Bab-i-Humayun’.  

  • Timings: 24×7
  • Entry Fee: Free



Hazratganj Market really is the heart of Lucknow. From new age brands to legacy stores, you will find almost everything that you need over here. In 2010, Hazratganj completed 200 years and was given a makeover. All the buildings were painted in a uniform colour and Victorian style street lights were installed all over to bring back the old world charm of this place. In the 90s, hanging out at Hazratganj was popularly known as ‘Ganjing’ amongst the youngsters of the city.

To satiate your hunger pangs, make sure you visit Royal Café for their famous ‘basket chaat’, JJ Bakers for their cakes, and United Coffee House for a good old cup of coffee, Burma Biscuit Co. for their ‘naan khatai’ while you are there. For the shopping lover in you, Hazratganj boasts of many great stores like Changamal, Modern Silk House, Gandhi Ashram, to name a few.

For the bookworms, Universal Booksellers and Ram Advani Book Sellers are great places to visit. These book stores have been there since generations and are a well-known name amongst the book lovers in the city.

  • Timings: Morning till night; closed on Sundays
  • Entry Fee: Free

Nawab Wahid Ali Shah Zoo

Nawab Wahid Ali Shah Zoo

More popularly known as the Lucknow Zoo, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Lucknow for kids and grownups alike. Established in 1921 and spread over 71 acres area, this place is home to a variety of birds and animals. Their most popular inhabitants are white tigers, the Royal Bengal tigers, lions, gibbons, Himalayan bears and Indian rhinoceros. You can also enjoy the toy train ride or paddle boating while you are here.

8:30 am to 5:30 pm (February to April and August to October)
8:00 am to 6:00 pm (May to July and November to January)
Closed on Mondays and public holidays

  • Entry fee: ₹ 60 for adults; ₹ 30 for children

Gomti Riverfront

Gomti Riverfront

Gomti Riverfront is a newly constructed attraction in Lucknow with excellent location and scenic surroundings. The lush Green surroundings across the banks of Gomti River has been created to let the visitors experience the beauty of river Gomti. Other attractions here include the musical fountain, amphitheatre, boating, jogging track and biking track.

This place especially looks stunning in the evening when it’s all lit up and people can be seen enjoying with their friends and family during this time. So, make sure to add this to your list and go for a stroll in the evening.

  • Timings: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm; every day 
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 10 per head 

Phoenix Mall

Phoenix Mall

The newly constructed Phoenix Palassio is the biggest mall in Lucknow and boasts of all major lifestyle brands. Due to its location right on Shaheed Path it has excellent connectivity with all prominent areas in the city. Phoenix Mall is the go to place for any kind of shopping with over 300 brands under one roof. It had used the grandest architecture ever seen in shopping malls in Lucknow with a beautiful musical fountain right at the entrance. Phoenix Mall also has a food court and popular chains of restaurants and cafes. It also has a Family Entertainment Centre where you can enjoy bowling, arcade games and food, all at the same place.

Basically, Phoenix Mall is a one stop solution in Lucknow for all your shopping needs.

Our Ready-to-move-in Project Paarth Aadyant is right next to Phoenix Palassio Mall.

  • Timings: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm; every day 
  • Entry Fee: Free

Aminabad Market

Aminabad Market

This is one of the oldest markets in Lucknow which has been there since the time of ‘Nawabs’. You can find the best deals here on ‘Chikan’ clothes, footwear and handicrafts. There is nothing that you will not find in Aminabad. Do bargain for best prices on all items. Some of the oldest and most famous eateries in the city are present here, Tunday Kebabi, Wahid Biryani, Kalika Chat House and Prakash Kulfi. Aminabad market is a paradise for food lovers where you will find the most delectable dishes at a very reasonable price and is highly appreciated by people from all over the world.

  • Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; except Thursday 
  • Entry Fee: Free

We are sure that now you are excited enough to explore the city. We have only covered the most popular places to visit in Lucknow and there surely are other places that you can visit like the British Residency, Chattar Manzil, Marine Drive, Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lohia Park and many more. Plan your visit in a way so that you can experience the best of sightseeing, shopping, and food in Lucknow.

Paarth Aadyant

Everything you need to Know About Paarth Aadyant

I had been looking out for a flat in Lucknow for a few days. I did see a number of condominiums in Gomti nagar extension, Gomti nagar, Raebareilly road and other good areas. But nothing really appealed to me. And then, my broker took me to Paarth Aadyant, located in Gomti nagar extension area, and afterwards I didn’t need to visit any other place. Let me tell you everything that you need to know about this project.

The project is located at a kissing distance from the most modern mall in Lucknow, Phoenix Palassio. That renders this whole area a feeling of happiness and celebration. The best part is that despite being so close, the unruly traffic around the mall doesn’t affect the entrance to Paarth Aadyant. If that is not enough for a great location, the other attraction nearby will make you drool. Yes, the only international cricket stadium of Lucknow, Atal Behari Vajpayee cricket stadium is close by. In fact, so close, that you could enjoy a day and night match at this stadium from your flat’s balcony.

However, what I was really keen to have in the vicinity, was good medical facilities. I guess in the current state of our minds, all of us consider this as an important criteria. Medanta hospital, equipped with the best health care facilities available in Lucknow is at a stone’s throw. But what really clinched the deal in the favour of Paarth Aadyant is the fact that this area is so calm and quiet despite so much life just outside. The entry and exit to Shaheed path is easy, which makes its connection with any part of the city, including the airport and the railway station, a quick and comfortable journey. Yes, if you have experienced the rough roads in Lucknow elsewhere, you can’t agree more with me.

I was also told that the best schools of the town, City Montessori school and Delhi Public School are located in close vicinity. And I could also see the building of head office of Dial 112 and UP Police headquarters. Therefore, I will not have to worry about studies of my kids and also the area is highly safe and secure. Presence of WalMart store and other proposed infrastructure projects will continue to add interesting features to the area.

Now is the time to take you to the inside of this project. Trust me, if the locality made you drool like I did, the inside of the project will make you go green with happiness. Yes, Green is the colour which you see all around you in the form of landscaped gardens in the project. With a high green area to construction ratio, the seven towers in the project look like sprouting out from ground, surrounded by foliage. The entry was grand with three tier security and a safe perimeter offered a sense of security, I could trust.

children's play area

As we entered the complex, the scenes of happy kids running around and playing in the kids area was enchanting and watching old people sitting on the garden benches enjoying their laughs and discussion was very satisfying. Another concern ticked off, I now don’t have to worry about my old father feeling lonely at home. Some kids were taking a karate coaching, while some other were riding their bicycle and all this was making the entire atmosphere full of unbounded joy. It all looked like too good to believe. Frankly, if I was not there myself and someone had explained it to me, I would not have believed it. So I won’t blame you if you are not being able to trust this completely. The only solution – Go and check for yourself and come back as mesmerized as I am.

I passed a few residents on my way to the sales office and spoke to a couple of them. They looked happy with their investment decision as they have experienced good appreciation of their investment and finding that the developer has done a very good job in providing quality and services. I then, visited the sample flat. It was a 3BHK flat ( I am told that all the 2 BHK flats are already sold, too bad!!). The bedrooms were spacious and provided enough privacy from the living area. The attached toilets were well done up and looked quite contemporary.

The living area opens into a large balcony, so my dream of creating a terrace garden will also be fulfilled here. I was thrilled as I glanced down and felt the merging of my terrace garden with the landscaped gardens below. The best part was that this balcony was not overlooking into any other balcony. At this stage, my broker reminded me that the project covers an area of 14 acres and has only 536 flats. Which meant that per flat land coverage is the most in this project compared to any other project nearby. No wonder, I always found the other projects from some of the big names too cramped and claustrophobic. Thank God for small mercies, there is a place possible to own with good breathing space.

Oh, but before I come out, I must tell you about the kitchen. The kitchen has been designed very efficiently. In addition to good use of space available, the service balcony and large window make it awesome. There is good light in the kitchen and it is well connected to the dining area. The servant room was not cramped for space and had opening outside, ensuring safety for occupants.

The features of the club were also shared with me. It is going to be one of the best clubs in an apartment complex when completed. A large Swimming pool with a gym and area for other sports, makes it perfect to enjoy the leisure time. The location of the club is excellent and I am already planning to have a duel at badminton with my brother here. The amphitheater, the basketball court, the sitting areas with pergola and beautiful jogging track left me completely speechless. Guess, if I had asked for anything more today, I would have got it.

I came out highly impressed. The developer team also told me about the wonderful legacy of the developer and the fact that they have multiple projects across Lucknow reaffirmed my faith in it. I have now already booked my home here, when are you doing the same?

3 BHK v/s 2 BHK Apartment

While buying the first house, a question which one faces all the time is as to whether one should buy a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK apartment. Needless to say that it depends on one’s needs and affordability, but it is not such a simple decision. It is important to understand that the decision being taken now will stick for a long time for one doesn’t change a home easily. The important considerations in this decision are – 1. Current and planned family needs, 2. Available budget and 3. Purpose (self-occupation or investment (renting).

Buying a home is a long term and an emotional decision. Therefore, the decision most of the time can’t be limited by the above 3 considerations very strictly. It is especially true for people buying their first home. There is a certain amount of pride involved in buying a first home on your own – you may have started earning a few years back and now look to invest the surplus money in a way that provides you long term security in the form of a home. First home buying is also an emotional moment in countries like India because of the association of this event with one’s status in society. Therefore, it is important to do consider all the aspects, while buying a home. Let us now look at each of the above-mentioned 3 aspects in detail.

The first thing one needs to do is to understand the family needs currently as well as planned requirements for the future. It is also important from the perspective that the family requirements change at various stages of life and one doesn’t want to keep moving house every time. It is important to consider points like how many kids are there in the household and if the grandparents are going to be staying in the same house. If there is a plan to start a home office for either of the spouses, it is important to put it down as part of the requirement. This needs a detailed thinking process and should not be hurried into.

Another important factor that needs consideration is the budget. One needs to make a personal financial plan to understand the money which can be taken out without affecting other functions of life adversely. Though, housing financing companies offering home loans at attractive rates and terms has helped people stretch beyond their current means. However, it is advisable to take help from a financial planner on this aspect. Housing finance companies also offer help in the form of guiding a prospective home buyer on calculating the loan eligibility and the resulting EMIs.

The purpose for which one is buying a house is also very important. While for self-occupation, it may be advisable to stretch the budget a bit and look for a bigger house, the investments have generally grown faster in the case of smaller units. It is also easy to find a renter or a buyer of a smaller house.

It is, therefore, important to consider all these factors in detail and strike a balance between needs and budget before deciding what size of the home is preferable.

Paarth Aadyant: Modern Home for Modern Families

Paarth Infrabuild is one of the latest and most sought real estate developers in lucknow. The developers have built a property called Aadyant. With a host of modern features and facilities, there is no better setting for your new home than Paarth Aadyant. While there might be hundreds of new private ventures in Lucknow that showcase themselves as the best real-estate developers but only a few can deliver the best to their buyers. Paarth Infrabuild Private Limited is one of those unique developers that are certified for their validity, and their ability to deliver high-grade apartments to their buyers.

The city transforms into a focal point of finance, aviation, business, education, medicine, travel industry, and innovation which has directly impacted on Lucknow’s growing real-estate.


So when you plan to purchase your dream apartments in Lucknow, Paarth Aadyant should be your ideal choice. It is conveniently established in Gomti Nagar Extension area, homeowners of Paarth Aadyant can benefit from moving out of congested areas of the city without having to compromise on a contemporary lifestyle. Today, Gomti Nagar Extention area is developing to become a commercial and IT center of the city. Moreover, it is a 3-minute drive from Gomti Nagar and only 10 minutes from the Airport.

The people are demanding top-notch housing and advancement facilities which can make their stay convenient & luxurious. With a large group of professionals arriving into the city and with the increasing concern of NRIs in the real estate sector of Lucknow, the demand for quality apartments has reached new heights.

With various commercial centers, technology parks, offices and an indoor stadium found right inside the neighborhood, families are able to find ultimate comfort in their day to day lives.

There are lots of other characteristics which make Paarth Aadyant an ultimate living complex to live-in. Some of the most valued characteristics include –

1) Neighboring proximity to the city center

2) Excess of greenery

3) Spacious and well-lit streets

4) Functional clubs with facilities for relaxation and enjoyment

5) Parking spaces for residents as well as visitors

6) Landscaped aesthetics

7) Close proximity to important landmarks

8) Great parks and jogging tracks


At Paarth Aadyant, homeowners fall in love with the luxuriant ambiance and enjoy the exclusivity. With all the modern & luxurious amenities, the project provides every buyer an apartment which is similar to their dream apartment. To know more visit: